Work Experience
Amazon Inc. - Ad Products: SDE Intern
In my second Amazon internship I was tasked with designing and implementing and API that would store advertisement tag templates as well as generate advertisement tags based on the uploaded templates. Through this experience I was able to gain more exposure to design patterns, API design, as well as Amazon S3 and DynamoDB.
Amazon Inc. - AWS Marketplace: SDE Intern
I was fortunate enough to be a placed on a great team that takes care of the AWS Marketplace website. My project consisted of improving the search results experience. The main problem with the search results was that similar products that vary by minor aspects, such as architecture or virtualization type, would be displayed as different products. I spent a decent amount of my time designing how to go about the idea of grouping similar products together and then coming up with a feasible MVP implementation. This effort consisted of collaborating with a few different teams in order to make sure that all the aspects were being taken care of properly. This was definitely a great opportunity for me to get exposed to the way a large corporation goes about completing a feature that requires a collaboration across varying teams.
Rutgers Information Technology at Continuing Studies: Student Developer
As ITaCS took over IT support of the previous Rutgers department I was a part of (Rutgers GSAPP), they hired me as a student developer. My initial responsibility was to continue maintenance and development of Rutgers GSAPP school management system which I was already well invested into prior to the IT suport takeover. Later on I took part in developing Rutgers Visiting Student Registration form for winter/summer session. I additionally ended up taking part in debugging Rutgers DICES and Rutgers Visiting Student Registration form for fall/spring session as well redesigning (and eventually will be developing) Rutgers GSAPP school management system from scratch.
Nextdoor Inc.: Software Engineering Intern
Nextdoor, a private social network for neighborhoods, was where I completed my first summer tech internship. I definitely feel that I have able to learn a ton about how software development is done in the industry. For about a month I was working on a link preview feature for the web in Python on the Django framework. In particular, I was responsible for writing and testing the code that scraped a website for a possible image, description, and title to be displayed in a link preview box. After the web aspect was done, I moved on to implement the same feature on the Nexdoor Android app. Despite having no prior experience with Android programming, I was able to quickly get used to how things are done. Shortly after, I moved on to implement the ability to view multiple photos attached to a post on the Android client as well. Not only was I provided with an opportunity to work with technologies that I previously had not worked with, but I was also exposed to certain styles and conventions that I really grew to appreciate, such as unit testing.
Rutgers Department of Computer Science: Peer Leader
As a peer leader for Introduction to Computer Science (CS111) I was responsible for going over problem sets in Java and teaching basic Java programming techniques and principles during a recitation session. Along with weekly recitation meetings, I was responsible for taking attendence and grading student projects. During my last semester as a Peer Leader I was able to design a semester long project that dealt with implementing a very simplistic relational database, check out all the plans here.This was a great opportunity for me to share my knowledge with those who are being introduced to Computer Science as well as to brush up on my Java knowledge since I am expected to answer questions regarding various details of the language.
Rutgers Graduate School of Applied & Prof. Psychology: Student Developer
As the lone developer I maintained a PHP/MySQL system used by students, faculty, and staff of GSAPP. The system stores student records as well as allows users to reserve rooms, fill out various surverys, and view various reports. For the most part my job consits of making modifications/additions to the site from anything as small as adding a textbox to creating surveys for students to fill out and generate reports based on the survey results. Recently I completed an integration of an outside system (ScholarChip) into our system so that users could register on our site for a conference and then be redirected to ScholarChip , which would process their online credit card payment.
Rutgers Office of Information Technology: IT Assistant
This was my first On-Campus job at Rutgers. As a part of the Work-Study program at Rutgers I was assigned to one of the IT groups. I worked there for the majority of my freshman year. While there, I researched for various replacement hardware (such as printers), imaged a large quanity of computers for employees using GhostCast, and did minor web development work.
Krakowiak Restaurant: Web Dev
I was given the task of creating a website for a local Polish restaurant. The only guidence I was given was, 'We need a website, here's our menu'. Despite having no artistic nor design skill whatsoever, I somehow managed to patch up a decently looking site. During 2012-2013 winter break I added a back-end administrative side to the page which allows for simple and dynamic editing of the menu. I still occasionally make little uptades to the site whenever I'm asked.
System Freight Inc.: Data Entry Clerk
Yet another high school job, which I held during my senior year. I was responsible for entering various type of information into an internal database. Some of it the information pertained to fuel consumption, delayed deliveries, and driver work hours. I would also occasionally set up mobile phones for drivers, carry boxes, and unpack mail.
MNJYSA: Youth Soccer Referee
I was a licensed U.S. Soccer Referee. In high school this was a great way for me to have some fun and earn some money. Unfortunately, while at Rutgers I had very little time to go back home to referee games, thus finally came the year of 2014 in which I decided to not renew my license.